Back In Black


My sweet brother and I spent the day shopping in Cherry Creek (my favorite place), all day… the poor guy got drug along. But you gotta do what you gotta do to finish that christmas shopping! Plus I’ve always been obsessed with this building… I’m pretty sure its a furniture store? hmmm?

If ya’ll are anything like me you stand in front of the mirror, changing your outfits 100 times when its cold out, because dressing for winter is the biggest struggle there is.  I am so meant for sunny and 75 weather, but I guess we gotta work with what God gave us emiright?!

Lately, I have had this super bad habit of grabbing all black when I can’t decide on an outfit! Heck, I even have my nails done black! But if you’re looking for an simple and quick outfit, all black is easy to pair with most anything. I found this awesome knee length sweater at H&M to pair with this outfit and I can’t seem to take it off. It supports my all black addiction, and it’s super cozy and warm, so you don’t have to wear a parka every time you go outside!

I love my timberlands, but they can be a bit tricky to wear without looking like a mountain man, or like you came out of stomp the yard (alright… I’ve practiced a few moves.. c’mon)!  But again, all black can make just about anything look good! And, lets not forget about this cah-ute, suede, over the shoulder! I found this gem at Urban Outfitters on sale, and it was the best 20$ I’ve spent in a long time! Ya gurl can never have too many bags!


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One thought on “Back In Black

  1. I have the HARDEST time dressing for winter and totally fall into the all black trap also. Whoops 😬 Thanks the tips! Yay for the blog and loving the post babes 🤘🏼❤️️


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