Growing Faith

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This summer my sweet roommates and I planted a full garden in the back yard of our cute little green house. It is easy to say I became slightly obsessed with it! We had just about everything you could think of from watermelon and zucchini, to tomatoes, peppers, artichokes you name it! It was so rewarding seeing our hard work pay off, as well as having so much fun doing it. I was so quick to become so passionate about this little garden of ours, and it has been such an awesome experience learning to grow everything.
A garden is tedious, hard work, unpredictable, and takes so much dedication. But in the end a garden is rewarding and gives you a certain satisfaction of accomplished. You have to turn up your dirt, seed your soil, provide enough water each day, constantly weed, and eventually with enough sunlight, you will begin to see the fruit you have worked so hard to produce.
In the midst of everything that goes on, God has used a simple garden to show how life with him is tedious, hard work, and unpredictable, yet rewarding. We start as just a simple little seed, and with enough love and nourishment, we turn into things so unexpected and amazing. In order to get there it comes with long hours of hard work, and pulling the weeds that are keeping you down and pulling you away from pursuing him. It is so easy to get caught in the weeds, and find time to spend on other things rather than enriching your relationship. It sneaks up on you, but eventually your life begins to wilt and fall apart. But with a little sunlight, and taking the time to delight in the lord, you will begin to bear fruit. Gods got this awesome way to pull you out of the weeds and into something you never saw coming when you have faith.
It is so very easy to get caught up in the distractions, and the busyness of the world, that it is so important to remember to just be still, and take some time to bask in all his glory.

Honestly if you never have, you should try out planting a garden. Even if it’s just a small one! It is so much fun, and if you need any tips, I’ve become quite the green thumb 😉




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