Quite Refreshing

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Hi Ya’ll! It’s me, Mon. Just incase you forgot, since I have been such a stranger. School and life in general seems to just hold me captive, and limits me to one phone call and meal a day…but here I am, let out on spring break bail! Can I get a wooohooo?! It’s the first week back from a much needed Spring break, and I am feeling refreshed and ready to crawl back out of my hole!

I don’t know about you, but if you’re like me, we share a common struggle. I have a tendency to be a “people pleaser,” if you will. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always believe it’s a bad thing when you have other people on your mind, but when it starts to take over your life it can cause some negativity.

For me, I wear myself out, and emotionally drain myself, over analyzing everything, trying to receive peoples approval. I am constantly striving to be enough, for other people’s expectations. Whether its in finding a significant other, your friendships, your aquaintances, it is all the same concept. I think this type of mindset causes insecurities and guarded hearts, and this is something a lot of us deal with more often than not.

Having a break, away from everything this last week, has had me non stop thinking about why in the world we work so hard trying to be enough, do enough, please enough, when we have a God who is always enough? Not only that, but a God that we are more than enough for. There is no amount of things you can have, people you can impress, or acts that you can do, that will ever change that kind of love and grace. The craziest part of realizing this, is after praying for this struggle to be lifted from my life, I opened my bible to do my study for the week, and the first verse I laid eyes on was 1Peter 3:3. “Do not let your adorning be external, but let it be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirt.” How crazy are the ways the God finds to speak to us?! If we are focusing on living a life that matters to God, the rest will follow.

This spring break made me hit the restart button. I think its all about time we cherish the happiness, embrace those who surround you with nothing but love, and find content in nothing else but a humble heart.

Outfit Deeeeets:

Me and few girl friends spent the week in San Diego, and every time I go, I get back to Colorado thinking I’m aloud to look like a beach bum everywhere I go? Honestly, whaaaatalife… UGH! Also, I really give myself no choice, because while I’m out there, I basically purchase a whole new wardrobe from my absolute favorite store, Brandy Melville. I’ve never put on something from here, that I’m not obsessed with. It’s perfect for that laid-back beachy style. I picked up my entire outfit from here, besides my Adidas Basic T and slip on’s. I’m also a mom jean fanatic, no matter who makes fun of my baggy booty in them… haha! These ones specifically were such a good find, because they’re fun, unique, and a great fit. You can throw them on with just about anything, even just a simple white tank like the one I’m wearing here! Don’t even get me going about this all American Windbreaker! JUST LOOK AT IT! Even the boys want it! Throw your hair up in a messy bun, and you’ve got yourself a cute little hobo look!



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