Intentional with JORD Wood Watches



Hello Peeps!

The word I n t e n t i o n has been lingering on my heart lately. Its been one of those things I ‘m writing down in my notes, I hear in conversations, or has just become this characteristic in people that stands out. Whether thats being more intentional with the way we’re living, how we’re loving on people, or spending our time in this world that feels like we have endless amounts of it! One of my biggest prayers lately has been to help me live a life that has more intention for people, because I think thats when we really see our hearts change the most. To take a little break from this rat race we’re all running, and just allow for time to be enjoyed.

The madness behind this “intentional” brainstorm:

Being intentional in your relationships: For me this seems to be the one that is jumping up and down, waving its hands around trying to get my attention. Yet, this also seems to be the one I let slide most often. Life is insane sometimes (ok, most times, or.. all the time?) but after all of the errands, and job descriptions, we are left with this desire of intimacy, affection, and yearning for quality time. We all are after this warm, cozy feeling that even on the toughest day, someone has set the intention out to ask you how you’re doing, and to genuinely take interest. So whether that is asking someone specifics of how you can pray for them, or just checking in to let them know their valued, being intentional with how we are treating our relationships has recently just smacked me in the face (especially after moving).

Being intentional with how we l i s t e n: You know those disgusting, sticky fly traps? They  are the best way I know how to describe “distraction.” Its like we could set out on this mission to ask people what they need, but distraction is this oooey gooey tape stuck to our feet when it comes to actually listening. We all think differently, we all need to be loved on in a completely separate way then the next, so intently grasping on to someones heart, and taking the time to digest all of it, is like the textbook definition to friendships and relationships. I’ve recently entered in to some of the most incredible group of friendships, and I can say without a doubt that the best feeling, is going to someone with maybe a struggle, or even a celebration, and then a week goes by and you get that text or phone call thats checking in and following up on your current situation! THE ACTUAL BEST!

Being intentional with your t i m e: For me I wake up in the morning and stress about my abundance of tasks on my plate, and it eventually kills my productivity. Find your purpose, your intentions for your day, month, year, and execute it! Pour into someone, a cause, a passion and see where it takes you! How will you be intentional with your time…? We only have so much of it!

Speaking of time, I’ve partnered up with JORD Wood Watches! I’m a wedding planner, so it seems that my life revolves around keeping time! I’m also a white and wood style kind of gal so honestly name a better duo… I’ve always been a little hesitant about watches because I have such tiny wrists, but the face is perfect size, and simple enough to go with everything! They are BEAUTIFULLY made, completely handcrafted wood, and I am digging’ it. So to celebrate being more intentional with our time, I am giving away $100 towards a JORD watch of your choice! (Sorry mama, secrets out, you’re Christmas present is easily guessed this year 😉 )

Take a closer look at JORD: Wood Watches

Enter the Giveaway (receive a %10 coupon just for entering): JORD GIVEAWAY 

Enjoy your time this week! Really soak it in, and while you’re at it, get yourself/your man/your mom, a watch!





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