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Well ya’ll, you can now officially call me a San Diegan 😉 I am finally getting all settled into my new home, with the most incredible family, and it is the most surreal feeling! Man does it feel strange to be able to say I am actually living a dream of mine (sorry to all of those who had to listen to me rant about this for days on end haha). I promise its over! I guess God really wasn’t kidding when he said he’d never let you down, because dang he really worked his magic on this one. That is actually my favorite part, is he made things happen that felt like the impossible! It’s like I’m in the middle of it all, and it still doesn’t seem real. SOMEONE PINCH ME! But being here, despite the toasty sunshine, and beautiful palms to wake up to, has me thinking about the things that are most important beyond the paradise. I had the most amazing experience the day before I moved, and it has just been tugging on me to tell you guys about it! So without further a do… heres the sweetest story you’ve heard in ages!

It was my last day of work, my last table of the night, and it just so happens that it is the cutest little senior couple on a Friday night date. I loved this guy because he laughed at all of my jokes, and that doesn’t happen too often 😉 But as I was boxing up their leftovers,  I asked if they were out and about or just date night, and he said “well thats how you stay together 56 years, you still have date night!” I being the sucker for love that I am, asked them if they had any more advice to keep a love like that around for so long and he told me three things that I will never forget.

1: He asked me if I knew what the two most important words are in the english vocabulary were, I of course didn’t know, and then they both looked at each other and at the same time said, “I’m Sorry.”

2: Then he asked me if I knew what the second most important set of 3 words were, and I questioned him with “I love you?” They both giggled a bit and answered together, “I forgive you.”

3: The last piece of advice he had for me was “the issue is not compatibility, but commitment.” I looked at him with a tad of confusion, and he began explaining to me that we are always so concerned with trying to find someone that we are compatible with. Someone we are exactly like. But, in all reality we usually end up with someone that we are much different from. The goal is to learn how commit yourself to those differences, and allow them to compliment you and one another. If you can commit to loving someone despite your differences, than you learn to appreciate them and see their differences as blessings. It isn’t about how alike you are, it is about how willing you are to commit yourself to endlessly love the things that aren’t so comparable. His sweet wife looked up and said, “then you throw in a whole lot of love, and you’ve got yourself 56 years.”

Being out here on this adventure all on my own has had me cherishing the relationships I have. Constantly thinking about how this kind of advice applies not only to romantic relationships, but your friendships, and even to people in passing. Sometimes our pride gets in the way, too often to ever admit defeat and ask for forgiveness, or give forgiveness ourselves. Or, we don’t commit ourselves enough to people that we might have differences with. Having time alone here has just made me realize how much you need your people, and that no amazing place, or things you can ever have, will be as fulfilling if you aren’t surrounded by the people who love you. Life is about relationships and taking the time. Taking the time beyond all of the distractions, to listen, apologize, forgive, commit, be present, and really open your heart to love people. There is nothing more important than having relationships that can last 56 years, that’s the real paradise.

Have a sunny weekend my friends!



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Outty Deets

I love me my Denim jacket people! Poor thing isn’t getting’ any breaks! This one is vintage, but you hunting for the perfect one is the best part. An oversized jean jacket, and black ripped jeans are pieces that you should always have in your closet. On the other hand, they are my go to’s and people probably think I never change my clothes… they just go with EVERYTHING. Also Steve is usually my date to every occasion, or you might know him as Mr. Madden.. What a guy emmmmiright? I love these distressed freebird boots, especially because they have the zippers on both sides so you can adjust them to the perfect fit! Last but not least, I’d like to introduce you to my knew obsession. This wrap bracelet from ALV Jewels is the greatest thing to happen to my wrist in all my 20 years of life. I love chunky, yet subtle jewelry, and this is the most unique statement piece to add to a simple outfit. Go treat yo self!


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