Love Language

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Hello Friends,

These kind of mornings are my very favorite. Getting to lay around in your PJ’s, and having some much needed time to yourself should be a required necessity of life! Especially when you get to wake up to a giant arrangement of beauty! These mornings are quite rare, but they are my favorite. Granted, I’m not typically lounging around cuddling a bouquet of roses, but you get what I’m saying right?! I’m one of those people that can’t sleep in, or sit still, or really function at anything less than 100 miles an hour. Anyone else have this problem?! THE WORST! I swear its some sort of curse! Especially with everything going on in my life recently! I can’t complain because it’s all awesome, but jeez life can be like the “terrible 2’s” sometimes, you love it but it also drives you nuts, you know?! With that being said, be on the look out for some seriously exciting stuff, with the blog, weddings, websites, and… graduation!! Yep you heard right, I’m three weeks deep into my last semester of college. How the heck did that happen?  Y I K E S!

Anyways, when I have some extra time on mornings like these, it’s when I do my best thinking. So when I woke up to these flowers, I couldn’t help but think about love languages. Weird right? If you haven’t heard of the five love languages, you HAVE To read the book and/or take the test for yourself (In my opinion flowers should have their own category as a love language because I’m pretty sure thats what mine is 😉 haha.) But basically it talks about how making a relationship work, involves you being able to love someone the way they feel love, and most times its different than the way you feel love for yourself. With this thought in mind, it would make sense that most people strictly think about love languages in a romantic way, with their significant other. Yes, this is most definitely applied to that, but one of my goals for 2018 was to work towards being a better amigo, and so I thought why don’t we think of love languages for our friendships in addition to our romantic ones?  A lot of times, we try to love on people the way we would want someone to love on us, but in all actuality, maybe our friends need attention in ways that don’t reflect us at all. I know personally, one of my love languages is physical touch, but my best friend on the other hand would is a words of affirmation gal. So maybe instead of feeling like I need to smother her in hugs, I choose to take the time to write out a letter. Our society is losing its touch of putting deep thought into things, and taking the extra time to learn about each other, so if we could change our mindset for how we care for our people, it’s quite possible that our relationships would be healthier, stronger, and overall happier. We all love differently, so why not start catering to how others need to be loved? I mean you love them enough to do that, right?

But also flowers. Flowers are always a good idea 😉

Have a wonderful week my friends!




Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

PS… My new favorite scent right now is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. It’s light, fresh, and slightly floral, and I am quite frankly obsessed!


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