LA for a Day

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Yesterday was the Frank Sinatra day of all days. Why Frank Sinatra you may ask? Well because he is the best, no questions about it, and yesterday was off the heezy baby. We’re talking so off the chain, I just had to share the love with all of you so I wouldn’t be doing anyone a disservice.

I have been planning to take an adventure up to LA since the day I touched down, but there is just so much fun to be had in San Deigo, I haven’t been able to get around to it! I have been collecting a to do list of random activities and must see places, so yesterday on a whim, I decided to completely bust all of them out and have THE BEST DAY EVER. Well y’all, mission accomplished!

If you’re ever in the Los Angeles area, do everything I did yesterday, or ask yourself why the heck you even went!… Okay so maybe that was a little far, but I was cheesin’ out the whole day.

You all know how I love me some coffee and cute shops. Just throw a little aesthetics in there and you got yourself my new favorite joint. Alfred Tea and Coffee is the name, and Delicious everything is his game. You might think I’m just being basic when I ordered their famous “pink drink,” but it actually was my preference. SO freakin’ good. Its tucked away in a tiny alley, only to be lit up by hot pink neon, and flower embellished croissants.

From there, and after I threw a fit in my car about the parking ticket I got (did you even go to LA with out one?), I made my way to Hollywood Forever Cemetery,where some of the best Hollywood stars and founders are laying in their final rest! A little spooky (not gonna lie), but how stinkin’ cool right? If that isn’t sappy enough I went to The Museum of Broken Relationships next. I have never been a museum kind of gal, but this definitely changed the game. People send in something of ¬†significance from a past “broken relationship,” give the story along with it, and the museum sets it up as a display. Some were devastating and heart breaking, but some were absolutely hilarious. My favorite would have to be the iron that someone threw out the window at their ex lover! BRUTAL!!! Its kind of crazy to see how much meaning and affection we put into random items. All of which started as such a happy reminder of love, but turned into things that couldn’t bare to be looked at without a lingering heart break. Do you guys have anything that comes to mind like that? I totally do! It’s probably about time part ways with them, but it can be SO HARD! This place was such a great example of why we need to cherish the people we love, and maybe not embrace the ones that waste our time as much.

I had lunch at this awesome little sandwich market called Mendocino Farms, and headed to the urban lights display outside of the LACMA museum. You know what I’m talking about right? The bushel of vintage light poles in all of the old movies that they dance in between?! I’m a sucker for all of the old school romances, so I just had to go! I swung by Beverly Hills on my way to Abbott Kinney for some shopping and Venice for dinner. Peep the lemonade pic. That’s cucumber, mint, and rhubarb lemonade people! Talk about when life give you lemons… Make it into that gosh dang it!

I found myself smiling the entire day, because it was so full of pure adventure. There was no plan, just a quaint list of things I wanted to do, and did what there was time in the day for. There is SO MUCH to appreciate and explore here! I could seriously spend an eternity, searching for the hidden gems of this town. You really do feel like you’re in LA la land.

Hoping you get lost in your own LA LA land today!




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